The selection of grapes from APALAZ wines with which the wines are made come from family vineyards of Tempranillo and Merlot varieties located in Peñafiel. The age of plants reaches a hundred years.

The soil is the origin of APALAZ wine. The different types of soil in the vineyards make our wines possible. Soils are formed by minerals, rocks, slopes, clays and microorganisms that are very important in APALAZ wines.

In our soils we find sandy areas that bring aromas and brilliance, limestone areas that provide delicacy, fineness and bouquet as well as clay areas that bring body and greater concentration to our wines.

They respect the vine working manually, protect themselves with natural preparations and let the lunar cycles that mark the dates of work and applications, respecting the sap and rhythm of the plant.

In the thinning of clusters, only the upper parts of the previously selected clusters are left in function of their state, position and orientation.

It was harvested manually in boxes of not more than 10 kg of weight.



It is located in one of the most privileged locations of the Ribera del Duero. Its unbeatable situation makes it possible to create a microclimate capable of avoiding any unforeseen weather, letting the vine follow its natural cycles. Soils are perfect for growing the vine by having a poor soil, loose, and well drained. Its soils predominate the sandy and clayey and limestone areas. Among the characteristics of the fruit obtained, the balance obtained between the percentages of sugar and acidity also counts with a high polyphenolic content.



The union of plant, soil and altitude make this farm unique, undoubtedly a great treasure within the Ribera del Duero, it is a privilege to be able to count on it for the elaboration of any quality broth as it ensures a perfect analytical. The soil is constituted by alternation of clay and silty layers. On these layers is a first profile with loose stones that provide aeration, drainage, reflect the heat and light to the plants for the day and keeping the heat accumulated by the daytime sun at night. Climatology of the zone: with moderate-low rainfall of about 400 mm as average rainfall per year with large thermal jumps throughout the seasons.



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